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Atv/Utv Rentals, Phoenix, Az - Western Offroad Adventures

​     ​​​We officially started "Western Offroad Adventures" in the Fall of 2016, But you ask when did we start? The ripe age of walking! I couldn't keep myself off the trails, out of the mud and off the rocks! The wilderness was what made me feel alive! I want to share my passion for the outdoors with you. Stop by if you just want to chat on the porch, We can talk about my adventures all over North America ( landing a seaplane on a Glacier in Denali national park)  traveling in my Rv with my beautiful Wife Renae.  We've driven from Key West, Florida  to Newfoundland Canada, and west to Fairbanks Alaska! We've woken up next to a Dog sled team one morning and another, watched the surf on the east coast of Nova Scotia disappear to reveal those giant pillars of land in the Bay of Fundy. Look it up if you've never been!  I found my calling running these old dirt roads in Sunny Arizona! I want you to see the sights, the old age structures, the old wild wild west that I've seen and I want to share that with you!

    The passion for the outdoors runs deep in my blood, spend a day with me and around my company, and you'll quickly see I'm not far from a tool, an axe, or getting dirty.  I started getting into Jeeps by 15 and quickly was completely and utterly lost in the world of off road and four wheel drive anything I could get my hands on.  Just ask my Father about the time I got in trouble for driving over an old car we had to test out my new rig and suspension.  Come ride with us and get to see everything you could imagine either a fun graded road or some wild trail climbing rocks up a mountain!

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